Duke Cannon - Shampoo / Conditioner

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Treat your hair to a first-class clean with Duke Cannon Supply Co.’s Gentleman’s Shampoo & Conditioner. It provides an invigorating hair washing experience that effectively eliminates dirt, oil, and product buildup without over-drying. The ultra-moisturizing conditioner restores vital nutrients and leaves hair healthy and manageable.

Formulated for all hair types, this duo smells fantastic thanks to its iconic naval supremacy scent blend. The cooling sensation of peppermint and tea tree will leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean.

Take your hair care routine to the next level with this premium shampoo & conditioner from Duke Cannon. The brand boldly claims that its products turn shower time into a “strategic operation” rather than a “chore” - we agree! Treat yourself to the Duke Cannon Supply Co. grooming experience.

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